Friday, June 22, 2007

Contacting Us

As many of you know, we arrived in New Mexico last Friday. While we are setting up the house in Mountainair, we are staying with Nada and Rahim. It's like a halfway house while we make the adjustment from living in the middle East to living in the United States. Sometimes we stay at the (historic) Shaffer Hotel in Mountainair. The Shaffer Hotel is a funky,lovely old hotel. You will all love it when you visit us. We will be full time in Mountainair as soon as we have hot water . My cell phone doesn’t work here, and although folks say there is reception over at the park or just outside of town, I don’t get anything until I am close to Belen. The best way to contact us for now is by email or Skype, 505-349-0361. You can call this number from a regular phone. If I'm not online, leave a message.

There is no mail delivery in Mountainair, so we have a post office box. Our local mailing address is

Tamra/Michael Hays
P.O.Box 897
Mountainair, NM 87036.

You can also use our mail forwarding address in Houston. I think you all have that address, and we get weekly delivery from there.


Shirley said...

We have reservations at this funky hotel for Friday night, August 3rd! Can't beat the reasonable rates! Really looking forward to this bonus part of our trip!

vanessa said...

Welcome to Mountainair. So glad you are here. Can't wait to meet you & Michael.

Laura said...

I've lost the plot.
Are you going back to Egypt or staying in the US?

Possibly going back overseas myself but not sure yet.


Tamra said...

We return to Cairo on August 24 or 25. Until then, we're New Mexico.